Greetings, my name is Henryx, I’m the local sheriff. I created this unique western town in Hungary with the intention of letting people know about this bygone era, all the folks who are brought in my way by the Wild West Wind. (…) I would like to bring joy with my work to others. The town is developing every year, and now it takes only one year to finally finish constructions. In Henryx City there is a restaurant, an Indian and western museum, a railway station, with life-size steam train and wagons, they are a café and a museum at the same time. Other entertainment: free horse riding, stage coaching. One special service in Henryx City is the rodeo bull which is available for test rides the whole year long.

I regularly organize car, motorcycle and country festivals, and summer camps for children. A visit to the city is free for everyone. For individual request we organise weddings, name- and birthdays, graduation parties and staff parties...”

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